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Podcasts from the Edge

Beyond Empathy

Podcasts from the Edge is a suite of podcasts- made collaboratively with young people (who happen to live in places that are considered disadvantaged) that use a unique blend of fictional and informational stories, where young people are leading conversations about anything and everything that is important to them. Season 1: SHIFT is all about health – but without the ‘go eat a carrot’ and ‘do more steps’. It’s about what we feel, who we are and how we are shaping who we want to become. Season 2: PARTING is about grief, death and dying. It is led by young people so the stories and conversations are open with a clear, simple message; it is ok to talk about grief. The Podcasts from the Edge feature stories inspired by the experiences, humour and resilience of those who have known hardship, but proof that disadvantage needn’t dictate the future.

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